Good fats CBD 1 (3%) 10ml


Discover the benefits of CBD in its highest bioavailable and absorbable format! We present our Premium CBD oil Formula 1. Each drop of this oil contains exactly 1 mg of pure and lab tested CBD in the higest quality 100% natural and chemical free hempseed oil. This product is designed for maximal absorption and bioavailabilty for working to enhance your endocannabinoid system.

The product is standardized to deliver exact dosing and allow the consumer to see what fits best. This product is directly aimed at those looking for a pure and clean CBD experience with exact dosage and no residues of THC. Reclaim your health, balance and calm with this product.

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Fresh, cold-pressed hemp oil with 3% CBD.

Good fats CBD 1 is the premium quality oil with 3% CBD. It is produced by gentle cold pressing just before bottling. We produce it in small batches so that it always reaches you fresh. Like any cold-pressed oil, consume as soon as possible after opening. That’s why we deliver the oil in smaller bottles so that the quality is not compromised.

Recommended dosage:

3 drops 3 times a day with meals.

Shake well before use. Store at a constant temperature of up to 20°C. Best before use 12 months from the date of manufacture, according to the label on the packaging.

Country of origin Czech Republic.


Cannabis sativa seed oil, natural

Cannabis sativa aroma (flower buds without flowers)

Nutritional values

100 ml of the product contains:
Energy value 3408 kj, 828 kcal

Fat 92 g of which saturates 8,6 g

Carbohydrates <0.1g

of which sugars <0,1 g

Protein <0,1 g

Salt <0,5 g

Linoleic acid (LA) Ω6 55,6 g

α-Linolenic acid (ALA) Ω3 15.7 g

Ratio Ω6 : Ω3 3.5:1

Vitamin E 66 mg, (550 % RHP*)

CBD 300 mg


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