Populist and CBDonSALE.eu - this is an effective approach, natural composition of products, emphasis on quality! We have adopted these principles to make our goal clear and understandable.

From the beginning, we've been trying to be different. We only want to do what we enjoy and what we believe in. We think hemp and CBD products are beneficial, so our goal is to make them affordable as much as possible.

So how low does the price need to be to make CBD available to everyone?

The answer is

Why is the Populist so cheap?

No one stands between us and you. For a regular CBD product, at least 70% of the price you pay is the cost of the distribution chain, unnecessary advertising and the margins of distributors and retailers. We only use direct online sales and precisely targeted advertising.

How do we do that?

We work directly with the largest cannabis producers. That’s why we can afford to be so cheap without compromising on quality. This is thanks to our years of experience, contacts and the trust we have gained in the cannabis business.

High quality raw materials

Each production batch is responsibly tested to ensure we know the exact quality parameters. We only use proven raw materials from producers we know personally. Our packaging is certified for safe food contact.

CBDonSALE.eu - guarantee of speed and fair business conditions

All products are in stock directly with us. No dropshipping or reselling! Your order will be forwarded to your chosen carrier within 24 hours of payment within business days.

CBDonSALE.eu is responsible and helps

We often think of a better and greener world. That’s why a small amount of every product you buy from us goes to charity. In addition, we will plant one tree for every registered customer.

Populist is friendly to the planet and CO2 neutral

We are close to the principles of modesty, frugality, recycling and responsibility towards the planet. We don’t ship materials halfway across the globe, we manufacture locally. Hemp products themselves are CO2 neutral. Our packaging is simple and recyclable. We use directly recycled packaging (used boxes, film, paper, fillers, etc.) for packaging and shipping as much as possible – it’s not according to marketing guides, but we do things our way.

Become a Populist too!

We don’t see why we should pay famous influencers on social media just because they have thousands of followers. Everyone can get a better deal with us. Want a better price – sign up, bring friends or share our products with others. You get 10% cashback on every purchase with your personal code.

Populist does not use unfair business practices

Often you will read on CBD supplement websites what serious illness or unpleasantness they can help you with, smiling people in white coats trying to win your trust. The companies boast names that include the words ” farm, pharma, medical, care, research, etc.” They claim to have research and development behind their product, but in the end it turns out they are just presenting someone else’s freely available study, conducted 5 years ago with uncertain results on animals.

You may not know this, but it is against the law because so-called medical claims can only be made for products in the category of pharmaceuticals. These products are in a completely different regime and are subject to significantly higher requirements than food supplements. Their producers are liable for many costly pre-market conditions.

If you use false information, unapproved or unsubstantiated health claims when advertising or selling food or dietary supplements, you are committing unfair commercial practices!!!

We’re not saying CBD isn’t beneficial – on the contrary, it’s a great natural choice for our health. We just follow the rules, which is why you won’t find health claims on our site. It’s not that we’re in favor of stupid regulations, we just find it very unfair to deliberately break the rules to make more profit for ourselves at the expense of someone who is honestly following them!

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